How to improve your swimming technique

The next work tells us how to improve the swimming technique is to do it before each training session. There are five blocks, each day we make 1 or 2 of these blocks unless we want to specifically work the technique of swimming, in that case we can make 1 or 2 blocks several times or we go through all the blocks.

To perform the technique of swimming, it is necessary to perform the exercises with the highest muscular freshness in order to perform perfectly, this means that if necessary we will extend the recovery times.

In each exercise and each stroke it is necessary to feel each and every one of the phases, especially the grip, the traction and the push since these are the ones that help us to move.

Intercalated between the exercises of swimming technique we include stretches of 25 m swimming Croll, it is fundamental to look carefully at applying what we have worked for to have a transfer and assimilate the gesture well. Before and after the session stretch all the muscles out of the water.



  • 25 m paddled with arms stretched (hands move as if we were making a hole in the ground with them).
  • 50 m dead end with table to the front and without beating legs.
  • 50 m dead without table and without beating legs.
  • 50 m fins feeling ankle flexion work. Arms to the front with table.
  • 25 m long arms lengthening to make a distant grip.
  • 25 m making the grip in front of the face.
  • 25 meters swim croll. Recovery 30″ between exercise.


  • 25 m paddled with the arms in position as if we made bottoms on the ground hands down.
  • 25 m blade left arm with pull-boy legs without beating.
  • 25 m right arm spade with pull-boy legs without beating.
  • 50 m legs with table feeling ankle.
  • 25 meters swim croll. Recovery 30″ between exercise.


  • 25 m left arm beating legs and right extended.
  • 25 m right arm beating and left extended.
  • 25 m flaps bending a lot of knees, extended arms extended.
  • 25 m fins normal beat of legs, arms extended without table.
  • 25 m swim with closed fists.
  • 25 m swim with separate fingers, open hands.
  • 50 meters swim croll. Recovery 30″ between exercise.


  • 25 m paddled with hands in the push zone.
  • 25 m exaggerating rolled with very deep pull.
  • 25 m swim croll with 2-stroke legs.
  • 25 m swim croll with 4-stroke legs.
  • 25 m swim croll with 6-beat legstroke.
  • 50 m swim with underwater recovery (without removing arms from the water).
  • 25 meters swim croll. Recovery 30″ between exercise.



  • 50 m finishing pushing thigh.
  • 50m legs with table in front.
  • 25 m bilateral breathing every 3 strokes.
  • 25 m bilateral breathing every 4 strokes.
  • 25 m breath taking head forward every 4 strokes.
  • 25 meters swim croll. Recovery 30″ between exercise.


Alfonso Martinez Ruiz – National Trainer of Athletics and Superior Trainer of Triathlon.

Where’s your MarSalado Openwaters video?

We’re close to the first 100 registered for Marsalado Openwaters, more than two months after the conclusion of our crossings, the number of participants is increasing and increasing with each passing day level.

You have not yet uploaded your video Marsalado OpenWaters?

Here is the ranking of top rated videos @marsalado_natacion

@tricarlos15                       45 ♥  @marsalado_natacion

@miryam_pirish                44 ♥  @marsalado_natacion

@marsalado_natacion   43 ♥  @marsalado_natacion

@samucalderas                 35 ♥  @marsalado_natacion

As you can see all the videos are with ratings very similar and still have time to continue voting them and receive new videos Marsalado Openwaters support, cancer support, our only goal.

You can help by uploading your video promoting Marsalado, openwaters swimming battling cancer on June 11 in Rota.

The most voted will have free registration plus a technical equipment of swimming or a double room at the fantastic Hotel Playa de la Luz, on the same beaches.

Whether you are an athlete or if you want to help us enhancing communication test and support the social cause that work!

Send your video please tel: 680255552 (Ideal 15 seconds long to upload to Instagram).

We are already jumping into the water to climb ours, we follow?

Openwaters swimmers champs!

Good morning open waters swimmers!

We have registered a very representative group of open water swimming at national and international level swimmers open waters.

  1. María Luisa Cabañero, master silver medal in the World 2015 in Kazan (Russia), absolute winner of countless openwates cruises and several world records in cross straits and canals, a champion master.
  2. Rubén Gutiérrez, Spain runner-up master and 7th European master C in open water Outright 2013 and 150 openwaters countless crossings. Fireproof swimmer and blogger very active on social networks, thanks to him we are a day of many events and news related to swimming.
  3. Myriam Gómez, winner of the 15 km of the Bocaina 2012 in Lanzarote and 2nd in the 10 km from the Cies Islands in 2013.
  4. Chema López and Raúl del Cerro, with many crosses the narrow behind and members of the Mediterranean Challenge, swam relays between 4 from the Balearic Islands to Barcelona in 2015, raising funds for the AECC and now swim and run by the Balearic Islands support Jugaterapia, to bring happiness to thousands of children in playgrounds hospitals. Chema Lopez will be the guest swimmer who will present his experience in open water swimming through the clinic we have organized.
  5. Javier Sanz, president of Swimming Club swimmer Alcobendas and ultra endurance test as the Battle of Vigo Bay, the descent of the Ebro and crossing the strait.

We remind you that allowed the use of wetsuits and safety buoy in all test categories.

The list continues to grow, and we are 30 openwaters swimmers, but we are confident that fill the test; We count on your participation and your support against cancer.

Thanks a lot swimmers!



Open water swimming, social swimming.

Looking out to sea from port, after returning to train or tie our fishing boat, he imagined as being more related to these waters that both inspire us and give us strength to get up every morning with enthusiasm.

I thought like this sea, which has made me so happy for so many years, could become the vehicle to put a new bit in the titanic effort, with many associations work every day to help groups of sick people.

People like you and me, that coincidences of life and his illness need support from psychologists, physiotherapists and warmth and support of this group of people around them, certainly if it is you or I who am’re on your side we will give all its shelter.

From here I started designing and through swimming in initially and other activities related to the sea open water, we would work on organizing a openwaters to benefit ROLUCAN circuit, the association of Rota fighting cancer.

The enclave would Rota, one of the towns most charming of the Cadiz coast, a town passing its quiet calm in winter climatological and celebration of your spring and a very active, lively and informal holiday period thanks to the thousands tourists from all over who come to visit. prime location for swimming in open water, thanks to its vast km of beaches and waters full of life.

Now the project is launched, we have visibility through this website and started the countdown wishing that all you come to visit us and enjoy our social, cultural, tourist and sporting event, turn back enthusiastically in the next edition and you may be our best messengers communicating and recommending our project.

My sincere thanks to all individuals, companies and institutions that have supported us in this adventure and we hope that ROLUCAN can advance the development of social work.

Enjoy, awaits Rota, 10 and 11 June.